This website ’’’’ offers practical answers to questions in caregiving. These questions may concern care by yourself, care by neighbors and volunteers. A carefact on this site is a question about caregiving with a practical answer to that question. These carefacts are arranged under headings ‘Support’, ‘Prevention’, ‘Care’ , ‘Nutrition’. In the Section ‘’All questions’’, carefacts are mentioned again.

The core group of people of ‘’’’ are enthusiast volunteers asking, seeking, gathering and arranging carefacts. They assess questions and answers. All volunteers work for free.

Every visitor of ‘’’’ can share information with everybody. By exchanging questions and answers, this site will expand to help us all with lots of carefacts. The aim is to become a site for, by and from visitors, care givers and care users. Everybody can send suggestions to correct or complete a carefact. This way we all – including the core group – will learn, help and teach each other for the benefit of all.

So: if you have a care-tip, a comment or a care-event, we ask you to offer this for free by typing your suggestion, question or criticism in the appropriate field under that carefact. The core group will gratefully read and use it, possibly in interaction.
You may also react anonymously. It will be studied and responded by the editor group. You also may send your ideas and care tips directly to

If you have questions about this site see the manual , or FAQ Frequently Ask Questions. Remarks, questions and suggestions are welcome at the contact space.